10 basic essentials you should have as a traveler/mountaineer

People nowadays find ways to keep their stress at a tolerable level. Sometimes, they just unleash the negative energy or reinvigorate themselves by going distances, kilometers away from the work place, to unwind and just relax. Hence, traveling has always been an “in” thing for all ages. When you travel, you discover yourself at the moments you least expected.

However, while you may always want spontaneity, you should always be prepared as a traveler. This post lists down the ten (10) basic essentials cited by The Mountaineers which every traveler or mountaineer should bring.

  1. Navigation

In order to prevent getting lost, then you need a map and a compass. However, tech has found its way into navigation that you can now have both of them in your smartphone. Just download the suitable apps and voila, you can easily find your way to your target camping zone. You may also bring with you an altimeter and a GPS receiver or just find them in your app store when available.


Topo Map and Compass

2.  Sun protection

Do remember that exposure to the sun is one of every traveler’s concern as too much can dehydrate and cause sun burns. Bring with you your favorite sunglasses and an SPF 30 sunscreen.Sunglasses

  1. Illumination

Of course, you need light especially when it’s dark outside. Take with you a portable flashlight or lantern. Or if your smartphone already has an LED light, then just make sure you have a power bank or a solar charger for your illuminating device.

portable flashlight

  1. Insulation

The environment can just betray you at an instant. Maybe in the beginning you will experience hot, humid air, but when the night comes, it could be windy or chilly, so it pays to carry additional insulating clothing such as extra socks and underwear to let you last long during weather extremes.

cold weather clothing

  1. Nutrition

Do not forget to bring an extra one-day supply of no-cooking-needed food just in case you get stuck where you are for longer than you expected. Pack up with some energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits. Just remember not to have leftovers to prevent wild animals from visiting you.


Energy Bars