The 10 Creepiest Places On Earth

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Our small planet provides plenty of creepy locations with notorious history to provide an adrenaline rush even for the obdurate adrenaline-junkie. From haunted forests and castles to deserted mental asylums and places with inexplicable occurrences – paranormal lovers are spoilt for choice.

10. Clinton Road, New JerseyClinton Road, New Jersey

Where to begin? A dense forest where the mob dumped the bodies of murdered victims and KKK members performed occult rituals – check. An abandoned mental asylum – check. A deserted jungle habitat with former animal specimens running wild and cross-breeding – check. Oh, and let’s not forget the countless incidents of headlights appearing out of nowhere and following behind cars just to disappear as unexpectedly.

9. Bohemian Grove, CaliforniaBohemian Grove, California

You don’t have to believe in the conspiracy for a new world order, the Illuminati and such to find a place with a giant owl statue, where the most famous leaders of the world meet annually downright creepy. So the Kennedys, the Rothschilds, Alan Greenspan, George Bush father and son would like the public to honesty believe there is nothing wrong in wearing long red/black robes and perform some innocent Cremation of Care ceremony. Ok, sure. Nothing creepy about any of that.

8. Aokigahara Forest, JapanAokigahara Forest, Japan

You would imagine a place where people go to die as peaceful and picturesque, wouldn’t you? That is unless it’s a suicidal ground. This woodland at the base of Mount Fuji has gained notoriety for being the preferred location where people take their own lives. It’s so dense and vast that many bodies are still to be unearthed with human bones scattered all over the place.

7. The Overtoun Bridge, ScotlandThe Overtoun Bridge, Scotland

There are certain locations that aren’t safe even for man’s best friend and the Gothic-style bridge, located in the small Scottish town of Dumbarton is one of them. Till the present day a little over 500 dogs have jumped to their deaths off the bridge at a consistent rate of one animal per month without a seemingly logical explanation. It is more than just a couple of coincidental accidents as people have reported calm animals willingly climbing the parapet wall and leaping to their doom. If you’re going to take your pooch for a walk there, you might want to keep him on a leash at all times.

6. Jatinga, IndiaJatinga, China

Another sinister site where people can witness bizarre and illogical animal behaviour. Every year exactly between 7 and 10 PM around the exact mile-long 200-yardlong strip of road hundreds of birds plunge to their deaths by crashing into the ground. The pattern has gone on like clockwork for the past 100 years drawing tourists to the small village. While there are different theories none has managed to provide a satisfactory explanation for the strange phenomenon.

5. La Isla de las Munecas, Mexico La Isla de las Munecas, Mexico

This is a place straight out of a Stephen King novel. If you think there’s nothing that can possibly be so wrong with an old abandoned island with a single resident who had a thing about collecting dolls, think again. According to the legend a small girl drowned in the canals near the island, and not long after her death, Barrera found her doll floating in the water, prompting him to become obsessed with collecting dolls. He believed they would serve as her companion in death, but that doesn’t quite explain the need the felt to mutilate and carve them. Ironically the poor men drowned in the same canal as the girl whose ghost he was trying to appease years later. She probably didn’t enjoy his offerings.

4. Hellingly HospitalHellingly Hospital

Konami should consider featuring this in their next Silent Hill instalment. An abandoned English hospital with the word ‘hell’ in its name. Not to mention that it wasn’t just a hospital – it was a mental asylum. Jackpot! A once state-of-the-art mental institution it stretches across 63-acres and enjoyed luxuries such as its own rail line, a ballroom, a salon and a water tower. Time has certainly not been kind to the abandoned complex shooting it among the creepiest places to hang out at.

3. Capela dos Ossos, PortugalCapela dos Ossos, Portugal

Literary translating to “Chapel of Bones’ this ghastly resemblance of art(!) was built by a 16th century Franciscan monk to reflect the transient state of life. And if decorating an entire chapel with bones, skeletons, skulls and rib cages wasn’t good enough, he had to go on and inscribe “We bones, lying here, for yours we wait” above the entrance to leave little to the imagination. Complete with two dangling skeletons from the ceiling is another inscription, which is even more cheerful than the first. It reads: “Better is the day of death than the day of birth.” Amen

2. Pripyat, UkrainePripyat, Ukraine

Few people haven’t heard of the worst nuclear incident in the history of mankind that lead to the deaths of hundreds of people and the evacuation of an entire Ukrainian town. Pripyat remains deserted till this very day due to high levels of radiation, but this doesn’t stop daredevils from visiting the ones habitable city and roaming the streets and abandoned buildings in search for the perfect Facebook-picture angle. Perhaps the most notorious modern ghost town, Pripyat is a sinister reminder of the mistakes people make.

1. Poveglia Island, ItalyPoveglia Island, Italy

Located just off the coast of Italy, the island of Poveglia has a tragic history. During the outbreak of the bubonic plague in Europe dead and dying people were simply dumped on the island in vain efforts to contain the spread of the disease. Everyone who showed the slightest symptoms of the Black Plague was dragged and tossed atop the rotting pile of corpses to die in agony. As much as 200,000 people are believed to have been dumped there at the height of the outbreak. As a result the island is covered by a firm layer of human bones that can be seen till this very day. As if that wasn’t enough the island is also home to a former mental institution, where a deranged doctor tortured and experimented on his patients. The remains of the building still stand today. Although the island attracts tourists in search of a good scare, it is currently closed to the public with police patrolling the area. Due to several incidents access to the island is presently restricted. It is used as a vineyard since the decomposing human flesh turned out to provide quite a nutrient soil for the vine. The few people who’ve managed to dodge the police patrol claim there is an ominous silence that permeates the place and at times the screams and mourns of the dying or tortured can still be heard.


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