5 Most Cruel Japanese TV Pranks

Japan is the closest thing on the earth that resembles an alien planet. A truly crazy, yet amazingly generous and morally correct society. The country where homeless people politely clean up their belongings in the park early in the morning. Where the elderly volunteered to go into the Fukushima nuclear plant after the disaster as they would not need to worry as much about radiation induced cancer in future years. Where the mafia (Yakuza) are actually semi legitimate businesses that have public head offices, spokespeople and so on.

For such a polite and socially cohesive people – they sure do like to watch sadistic pranks on TV which can only be described as utterly terrifying and insane.

Check out our list of the most cruel Japanese TV pranks that would never see the light of day in a European or North American TV studio.

The Sniper Prank

An unwitting Japanese guy turns up for an interview (or meeting?). Little does he know that a heart attack inducing fake sniper is about to scare the willies out of him.


Cruel Child Torturing Zombie Prank

Lets mentally scar some infants by convincing them that zombies are coming!

Kudos to the kids, they are actually really brave and even fight back… “Come here I will destroy you!”. Obviously a future samurai.

Tip – Turn on annotations…


Bomb Prank

The old “make someone believe they are going to die a fiery death from a teddy bear bomb” joke. We’ve all done it, works every time!


The No Clothes Spa Prank

This one is actually two in one, the first (up until 3:05ish) is your typical “crowd runs down a small alleyway at unsuspecting passers by” meme. The second is a spa prank where 30 nude people flashmob an unsuspecting spa goer.

 Urban Dinosaur(!) Prank

The cross dressing dude with a giant wig is scary enough. Convincing random people a dinosaur is about to eat them is just cruel.

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