5 cool travel gears you would love to have for your next trip

There are a myriad of reasons why people love to travel. It’s either they just want to escape the pollution of the city or just want to set themselves free from the stress of work and just enjoy the fresh breeze. Others would love to do it the other way – travel to the bustling metros to seek work or hit the international airport for a vacation like no other, that is, outside the country.

Whether or not you would love to live a short escape into the farmlands, mountains, and seascapes, or you would flock to the nearest civilized zones to party all night and just forget about anything — for whatever reason, you just want convenience and security when traveling.Well, that is besides your wish for a travel buddy or soulmate.

In this short post, we give you five (5) of the coolest travel gears you would definitely love to bring with you wherever you go!

  1. LugLoc Smart Tracker

The first in our list is a $70 tracking device that enables you to monitor your suitcase or checked-in baggage via a $7 app that makes use of GSM and Bluetooth technology. Regardless of where your suitcase or backpack is, you’ll always feel your belongings can be found in no time.



  1. BauBaxTravel Jacket

This million-dollar Kickstarter-funded, all-in-one travel jacket is definitely what you should get when you’ll engage into cold and wintery adventures. It’s got not five (5), not 10, but 15 awesome built-in features including utility pockets (for youreye wear, gadgets, passport, drinks, etc), gloves, an two-second inflatable neck pillow which deflates at a press of a button, an eye mask, a zipper that also acts as a pen/stylus, a detachable hood, among others. All of these features in one innovative jacket just for a starting price of $109!


  1. LuminAID Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

Now, trekkers and campers definitely need light especially at night. Well, you can opt for the traditional bonfire or just bring with you a portable (weighing ~56 grams), waterproof, inflatable solar-powered light — the LuminAID. Featured on Shark Tank, this $24.95 product generates up to 16 hours of light after charging for 6-7 hours under the sun!