Top WW2 Secrets

Normandy Landings:

Here are some of the interesting things from the D-Day invasion of Normandy that changed the war and helped Allies invade Germany. Germany had built a strong fortress to protect the Atlantic coasts of Norway, France and Belgium from an invasion from Britain. However, on June 6 1944 it was broken in one of the largest military operations in history.

Some interesting factoids about that incident:

  1. The most expensive sleep: Hitler was sleeping at the time of the invasion and no one dared wake the Fuhrer. In the costliest nap in history, the man who could have mobilized German troops to counter the Normandy invasion was sleeping. Did a power nap cost Adolf Hitler victory in World War II? Staff were too scared to wake him on D-Day.
  2. A costly birthday: Around the same time Hitler was sleeping, the Chief of German Armed Forces Rommel was away in Germany celebrating his wife’s birthday. American Experience. Rommel always believed that the first few hours of the invasions was the most critical and it is then the two most powerful men of Germany were relaxing. Rommel eventually rushed to France, but by then it was already too late.
  3. The deception: Germany had 55 divisions in France while the Allies were coming with only 8 divisions on D-Day. Thus, they had to distract the Germans substantially until they could land more troops. To do that theOperation Bodyguard was built as one of the finest deceptions in history that hoodwinked the Germans to believe that the invasion was coming from a different direction.
  4. The secret: There were 17 million maps that were used and all of them used fake names. Normandy landings were one of the most well guarded secrets in the whole war and that eventually decided its outcome. D-Day Anniversary: Must-Know Facts about Allied Invasion of Normandy [PHOTOS]
  5. The ammunition: Despite the deceptions and delay in leadership’s reaction, the German troops fought hard, but soon they ran out of ammunition. The original plan was to supply those guns with 48 hours of firepower. But, it was a massive failure in not supplying enough ammunition to outposts like the Omaha beach whose ammunition lasted only 4 hours. At the end of those 4 hours, Allies made a significant move.
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