5 Fun Drinking Games You Need to Play Right Now

fun drinking games to play

Updated 2/19/2022

These fun drinking games are not for the weak or faint of heart. They require dedication to the art of partying. They will spur you to ever-greater heights. They will make your friends green with envy. They will have people asking you, “how did you think of that?!?!”

I suggest you reply with a simple “there’s a tiara/beer for the winner” or the ever-so-mature “all the cool kids are doing it.”

Get your friends excited, very excited!

Use these drinking game ideas as inspiration to create a legacy! They will be sure to make your friends jealous of your insane party-throwing prowess.

One serious note before we get down to business. These are ADULT drinking games, and therefore involve alcoholic beverages. DRINK RESPONSIBLY. You know that saying, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk?”

Make that your personal mantra.

#1: Circle of Death Drinking Game

Source: Trend Pickle

There are many variations of the Circle of Death Drinking Game on the web, but I couldn’t find the one we always played. So sad! At least it was until this lovely web page was created. I love this game because it incorporates so many other fun drinking games.

Some people also call Circle of Death “Kings” but we never did.

What You’ll Need:

  • Deck of Cards
  • A Beer in a Cup
  • Drinks!

Setting Up Circle of Death

Spread the cards out in a circle. Make sure all the cards are touching other cards. Place the beer in a cup in the middle of the circle.

Circle of Death Card Meanings & Rules

Each player takes turns selecting a card. Each card has its own rule!

Ace – The player makes a rule

King – A round of Categories

Queen – A round of Questions

Jack – a round of “Never Have I Ever”

10 – Player becomes Thumb Master

9 – Social! Everyone takes a drink

8 – The person to the player’s right takes a drink

7 – The person to player’s left takes a drink

6 – Social! Everyone takes a drink

5 – The player becomes Hand Master

2, 3, or 4 – player drinks the number of drinks that match the number on the card

*Also, the person that breaks the circle of cards has to chug the beer in the middle of the circle.

Don’t know what all those games up there are? I’ll explain.

Ace – Making a Rule

The player gets to make any rule they like. This can be anything from every other player saying a phrase like “Mandi is the goddess of all things beautiful” before they drink or that no player can use another player’s first name.

King – A round of Categories

The player that selected the King declares a category and then starts the round with something in that category. For example, if the category is “Brand Names of Vodka,” then players would have to name things in that category such as “Absolut”, “Smirnoff”, “Skyy”, “Stoli”, etc.

Then, each player in the circle must add a thing in that category. The player who repeats something already named, can’t think of something, or gets it wrong, drinks!

Some suggested categories are Types of Drinks, Condoms, Positions, Cars, Sexy Movie Stars, or Bars in Your Town. You can also spice this up with personal categories such as “Girls that Jack wishes he had kissed.”

Jack may not love you for it, but your friends will be amused.

Queen – A round of Questions

Ah, one of my favorites. This is where the player that drew the Queen looks at any other player and asks any question. Then, that player must ask a different question than any other player.

This goes on until someone doesn’t ask a question or chooses to answer a question. That person drinks.

To remember this rule, think “Q” for “queen”, and also “Q” for “questions”.

Jack – A round of Never Have I Ever

This game rocks in Circle of Death or all on its own (where you end up blitzed). This starts with the player that picked up the Jack stating “I Never . . .” and adding whatever to the end of that phrase.

It can be something he/she has or has not done. Every player must drink if they have done what was stated. If they have not done it, they do not drink.

Then, every other player states a ” Never Have I Ever.” The round ends when it gets back to the original player that pulled the Jack.

There is one additional rule. If someone is busted, meaning that they didn’t drink when they should have, they must chug whatever they are drinking.

10 – The player becomes Thumb Master

The ThumbMaster is simply the person that can put their thumb on the table during any point in the game, and the other players must follow. The last player to put their thumb on the table drinks.

The Thumb Master rules with an iron…thumb…until another player draws a 10.

5 – The player becomes Hand Master

Same concept as the ThumbMaster. The HandMaster can put their hand on the table at any point in the game, and the other players must follow. The last player to put their hand on the table drinks.

The Hand Master rules until another player draws a 5.

Game Cost: 0-$10

Assuming you have a deck of cards and a beer, this game costs you nada!

Otherwise, go to 7-11, pick up a 6-pack and a deck, and enjoy the entertainment!

#2: Drunk Jenga Ideas

Source: Wired UK

Drunk Jenga is legendary because you and your friends create the game!

What You’ll Need

  • Jenga Game
  • Marker

Drunk Jenga Rules & Blocks

Set up the game as described in the Jenga game. Play the game as instructed with this one exception: every time someone pulls a block, they write a rule or an action or whatever they want on the block.

Here are some Drunk Jenga ideas to get you started, but your friends will probably come up with even more amazing ones!

Careful, though. It gets real personal, real fast.

Drinking Blocks– Straightforward and Simple

  • Give away three drinks
  • Take two drinks
  • Chug the rest of your drink
  • Social drink (everyone drinks)

Rules Blocks – If Someone Breaks the Rules, They Must Take a Drink.

  • No saying the words “drink,” “drank,” or “drunk.”
  • Only drink with your left hand.
  • Pick a drinking partner (someone that must drink when you drink)

Action Blocks – Great for Funny Drunken Moments

  • Tell your most embarrassing moment.
  • Kiss the person on your left
  • Do a cartwheel
  • Show us your best orgasm face.
  • There are no limits to what they write on the block! 

Of course, when someone writes on the block, they must do what they wrote! This way, they must choose between being playing it safe for them or cranking up the entertainment for the next rounds of play.

Play the game as described. If the tower falls before all the blocks are written on, don’t worry; just keep playing until every block has something on it.

Game Cost – $15

Assuming you have a marker, a new Jenga Game is $12-15. It is usually worth it to buy a new set every time you play since each set of friends will enjoy making their own blocks!

#3: Never Have I Ever

Source: Lifehacks

Nothing is needed to play Never Have I Ever except booze, so feel free to start this game anywhere, from an airplane to your favorite dive bar!

What You’ll Need

  • Booze!

Never Have I Ever Rules

  • Make sure your peeps have booze and gather your friends round in a circle. Pick a player to start. If you have trouble doing this, pick the player with the longest hair.
  • The player states, “Never Have I Ever . . .” and adds whatever to the end of that phrase.
  • It can be something he/she has or has not done.
  • Every player in the circle must drink if they have done what was stated. If they have not done it, they do not drink.
  • Round and round the circle you’ll play until someone shouts, “NO MORE, I SAY!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist the opportunity to rhyme…

There is an additional rule — if someone is busted, meaning that they didn’t drink when they should have, they must chug whatever they are drinking.

This game is great to play with people you don’t know. You’ll learn a lot (or maybe too much) about them.

Game Cost – $0

You’re buying booze anyway, so this game is FREE!!!

#4: Irish Musical Chairs

Source: Yahoo Finance

Do you think musical chairs is just a kids’ game?? Not if you put the word “Irish” in front of it, it’s not!

Irish Musical Chairs is a great free game to play at a St. Patrick’s Day party, Beer Olympics, or anytime you want to be entertained by your drunken friends!

What You’ll Need

  • Chairs
  • Table
  • Beer
  • Irish music that can be started & stopped

Setting Up

Set up a line of chairs. There should be one less chair than there are players. Place a table about 10 yards away. Place several small cups of beer on the table.

Have the music set up and someone that can start & stop it.

Irish Musical Chairs Rules

The players start at the table. Start the music. The players must chug a beer, then run around the chairs back to the table and chug more beer.

They continue doing this until the music stops. When the music stops, they must find a chair.

The player left standing is out. Remove a chair from the line.

Continue until you have one person left sitting, and that’s your winner! 

Irish Musical Chairs Song Ideas

  • The Orange and the Green – The Irish Rovers
  • The Irish Rover – The Irish Rovers
  • Goodbye Mick and Goodbye Pat – The Irish Rovers
  • Nancy Whiskey – The Irish Rovers

Psst! Check out our post on the best Irish drinking songs for even more ideas!

Game Cost – Free

You have chairs (borrow them if you don’t) and a table. And since you’re buying booze anyway, so this game is FREE!!!

#5: Beersbee

Source: The Chive

Beersby, (also known as Beer Frisbee, Beersbie, or Frisknock) is a great outdoor drinking game! I used to play all the time in college, and it never got old.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 Posts or PVC pipes (2″ diameter), about 4 feet tall
  • Two or more Frisbees (one for each person on the team)
  • Two empty beer cans or bottles

Setting Up Beersbee

Put the posts in the ground 20-30 feet apart. Place an empty beer can on top of each post.

You can play this with teams as large or small as you want on each side, as long as they are even teams. Have a frisbee for each player on a team.

Beersbee Rules

  • The goal of the game is to reach 21 points.
  • Determine which team will go first with a coin flip.
  • The team throwing the frisbee is the offense. The team defending their post is the defense.
  • Each member of the offense takes turns throwing the frisbee at the other team’s post.
  • Once each offensive team member has thrown, the offensive team goes on the defense as the other team throws the frisbee.


  • A team can only score while on offense.
  • 1 point is scored if the frisbee is not caught by the defense and it is catchable (not too high, not too low, not too far off to the side).
  • 2 points are scored if the frisbee hits the post, knocks off the empty can, and the can hits the ground.
  • 3 points are scored if the frisbee hits the can, knocks it off the post, and the can hits the ground.
  • If the offense knocks the can off the post and the defense catches the can before it hits the ground, no points are scored.
  • If a defensive player catches the frisbee in front of their pole, they are penalized one drink, and the offense scores 1 point.

Additional Beersbee Rules

  • Each player must always have a drink in their hand. Players are penalized one drink if their drink is found empty or they set it down during play. Time outs should be called for getting new drinks.
  • Each team member must remind behind their post at all times. Violators are penalized with one drink.
  • A team must win by 2 points.
  • Losing team chugs their drinks or shotguns a beer, your choice.
  • Only one frisbee can be in the air at a time. If the offense throws multiple frisbees at the same time, not points can be scored, and each team member of the offense is penalized a drink.

Tips for Winning at Beersbee

  • Coordinate your team’s throws to be in quick succession, catching the other team off guard.
  • Try and distract the team by pretending to throw the frisbee but actually having another teammate throw instead of you.