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24 Insanely Funny Intramural Basketball Team Name Ideas

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To be honest, I’m amazed it’s taken me this long to put together a list of funny intramural basketball team name ideas.

I have always loved team sports, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy coming up with zany team names just as much as I enjoy actually participating in sports or competitions.

These hilarious basketball team name ideas will have everyone laughing their asses off…until you start scoring and winning, that is. Without further ado, here are 24 funny intramural basketball team names for your team to use!

Funny Intramural Basketball Team Names List

1) The “Make a Swish” Foundation

2) The Block Party

3) The Rim Jobs

4) Everyone Hoops

5) Bank You Very Much

6) Radio Shaq

7) The Milwaukee Talkies (If you’re in Wisconsin)

8) Lebrontourage

9) I Know What Yao Ming

10) I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butler

11) Better Call Gasol

12) Rose Before Hoes

13) The Skyhookers

14) The High-Fivin’ White Guys

15) Duranting and Raving

16) Malone at Last

17) The Scottie Tip-ins

18) America Runs on Dunking (watch the copyright infringement on that one!)

19) The Play It Forwards

20) The Passholes

21) Raiders of the Lost Arc

22) The Magic Johnsons (You’ll get that one on the ride home)

23) The Slam I Ams

24) Tenacious D

Wrapping it Up

I had a really great time coming up with these funny intramural basketball team names, and I hope you had just as great a time reading them!

Ciao for now!