We like to have fun here at Kizaz, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t serious about getting our facts straight. There’s so much junk on the internet today, and we refuse to contribute to it. Instead, we focus on creating award-winning, factual content. Our mission is simple. We want you to learn new things, and we want you to love that you learned new things. Knowledge is power, after all. We also know we can’t achieve this vision by cutting corners in regard to editorial practices.

We do not publish auto-generated content. That’s because we’re committed to providing top-tier content crafted by humans, for humans. Having said that, we utilize various AI tools to generate first drafts. We believe that AI is only as good as the writer directing it, and every piece of content undergoes rigorous editing and fact-checking before publication.

Our dedicated fact-checkers verify each claim and recommendation, grounding them in credible references like peer-reviewed journals and reputable organizations.

With the aid of our experts, we routinely revisit our content, ensuring it remains in sync with evolving research and guidelines. Spot an oversight or outdated info? Let us know!